Mining Museum Monteneve

Drives, mineworkers and veins of silver - explore the Mining Museum Monteneve at the head of Val Passiria.

The Mining Museum Monteneve is located at the head of Val Passiria at 2,355 m asl. The former mine has been transformed into an adventure museum with mineworker’s village and a cosy refuge. It is considered to be Europe’s highest located mine and provides an insight into the 800-year long history.

The origins of the mine are unknown, first documents date from 1237. According to legends, however, the origins of the mine date even back to earlier times. Thousands of mineworkers made their living in this mine, being out for silver, plumb and tin ore. Today visitors and tourists embark on a journey in time when they come to the Monteneve mine, but in order to reach it they have to overcome a 2-hours’ walk from the road to Passo del Rombo (four different paths) or from Masseria in Val Ridanna within a 4 hour’s walk. However, despite of the long walk it is really worth to be visited!

From 1991 the Mining Museum Monteneve has been open to the public and boasts a drive, an adventure and educational trail, rare minerals, silver coins, ancient tools and miner’s lamps as well as many rarities. Visitors can choose from a short 2-hours’ tour and a long and detailled day tour. Equipped with helmet, boots and headlamp, they access the 130 km long mine with the mine train. Inside they travel back in time and discover more about miner’s hard life.

Opening hours and prices:
from mid June to mid October, free entry to the showroom (open daily), ticket adults from 9.00 Euros (small guided tour, 2 hours, from Tuesday to Sunday at 1 pm, min. 6 adults) or 26.00 Euros (big guided tour, 10 hours, Sundays from 8.30 am - 6.30 pm, min. 6 adults), reservation needed

The Monteneve refuge offers accommodation.

Further information:
phone: +39 0473 647045,

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