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  1. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Leisurely bike tour around Merano

    Leisurely bike tour around Merano

    Explore Merano and its surroundings by bike: cycle through a field of flowers in spring, along the cool Passer valley in summer and through the colourful leafy forests on the Nörderberg in autumn.

    from  07/09/20  to  11/01/20

    3 nights from 687 € per person

  2. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Pienzenau restart – one free night

    Pienzenau restart – one free night

    Book for 3, 4 or 5 nights and get one of the nights free!

    from  07/09/20  to  08/09/20

    3 nights from 300 € per person

  3. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Ladies Days

    Ladies Days

    When did you last spend a day doing nothing? Or spent some time with a best friend? We would like to invite you to take some time out at the Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark in Merano ..

    from  07/09/20  to  11/01/20

    3 nights from 616 € per person

  4. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Summer & rendezvous in Merano

    Summer & rendezvous in Merano

    Conquer the mountain peaks and dance beneath the starry skies… summer at the Hotel Pienzenau in Merano is certainly lively! For a romantic end to the day, enjoy a glass of Prosecco on our rose roof

    from  07/09/20  to  11/01/20

    5 nights from 800 € per person

  5. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Golf no Limit

    Golf no Limit

    Find your golf happiness before the impressive mountain backdrop of South Tyrol! Our Pienzenau golf hotel is a founding member of the Passeier.Merano golf club and an expert for your golf holiday

    from  07/09/20  to  11/01/20

    3 nights from 630 € per person

  6. Hotel Der Waldhof: Summer Week

    Summer Week

    A summer to captivate your mood! Swimming, hiking with a touch of relaxation and some wellness added to the mixture for pure indulgence!

    from  06/14/20  to  07/26/20

    7 nights from 959 € per person

  7. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Roses & Romance

    Roses & Romance

    Surprise your loved one with some romantic time out at our rose hotel in Merano. Enjoy wide-ranging views across the valley from our roof terrace, a gourmet dinner beneath the starry skies ..

    from  07/09/20  to  11/01/20

    3 nights from 542 € per person

  8. Boutique & Design Hotel ImperialArt: Happy Wife - Happy Life

    Happy Wife - Happy Life

    the perfect holiday package to surprise a special woman!

    from  06/15/20  to  07/31/20

    2 nights from 298 € per person

  9. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Autumn indulgence & rendezvous in Merano

    Autumn indulgence & rendezvous in Merano

    Flame red, sunny yellow, dreamy gold – autumn moves into the Merano region with an abundance of colour. Walk through the dense forests to the next sunny meadow, sample some delicious autumnal treats

    from  09/01/20  to  11/01/20

    4 nights from 815 € per person

  10. Hotel Der Waldhof: Waldhof promotion 6 = 7

    Waldhof promotion 6 = 7

    We will treat you to an extra day with all the inclusive services! You will enjoy a 7-day holiday but only pay for 6 days.

    from  10/24/20  to  10/31/20

    7 nights from 864 € per person

  11. Hotel Castle Rundegg: Wellness-Short-Stay


    Hotel Castle Rundegg
    Adults Only Hotel 16+ | Merano - Maia Alta

    A short break in a historic castle hotel in the heart of Merano city. Let yourself pamper and enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable stay full of wellbeing.

    from  11/06/20  to  12/13/20

    12 nights from 299 € per person

  12. Hotel Der Waldhof: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

    Christmas and New Year’s Eve

    Wonderful stress-free Christmas in the company of friends and with a festive accompanying programme.

    from  12/24/20  to  01/06/21

    7 nights from 1078 € per person

  13. Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark: Spring & rendezvous in Merano

    Spring & rendezvous in Merano

    Leave winter far behind! Nature is awakening, the days are getting longer and the rays of sunshine warmer… recharge your batteries at the Hotel Pienzenau am Schlosspark in Merano.

    from  04/04/21  to  05/21/21

    5 nights from 863 € per person