Val d’Ultimo - Alta Val di Non

Tradition-steeped villages and an intact natural landscape characterise the valleys of Val d’Ultimo and Alta Val di Non.

Stretching from the Stelvio Nature Park to the Ronzino gorge near to Lana, the Val d’Ultimo valley boasts a length of 40 km. Numerous mountain pastures and a stunning view of the south-eastern Ortles mountains render it an ideal place for nature and mountain enthusiasts. This is also what mainly characterises the Alta Val di Non, a spot of land to sit back and take a break from everyday life. Old farms and wooden shingle-roofed houses make the Val d’Ultimo so special and reveal how much the residents care about their traditions and culture. Moreover there are cottage gardens and large fields and woods as far as the eyes can see.

Hikers can look forward to some 600 km of marked hiking trails and lovely mountain pastures, especially popular in summer. Winter turns the Schwemmalm pasture in to a nice skiing and snowboarding area, with a great view of the Ortles massif and a series of 3,000 m high mountains. The villages that belong to the Val d’Ultimo valley are called San Pancrazio, Santa Valburga, San Nicolò and Santa Geltrude, while the Alta Val di Non villages are called San Felice, Proves, Senale and Lauregno.

  1. Lauregno


    The southernmost village of the Alta Val di Non is located at 1,448 m asl and…
  2. Proves


    Picturesque surroundings and a pleasant calm atmosphere make Proves, located at…
  3. San Pancrazio

    San Pancrazio

    Coming from Lana, San Pancrazio is the first locality you come across in the Val d’Ultimo.
  4. Ultimo


    The municipality of Ultimo extends in the homonymous valley and has preserved its…
  5. Senale San Felice

    Senale San Felice

    The municipality of Senale San Felice is an ideal spot of land for relaxation in…

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