Tesimo Prissiano

In sunny location high above the Val d’Adige, there are the villages of Tesimo and Prissiano, surrounded by a series of historic castles.

Tesimo, this is the name of a municipality extending on a plateau above the Val d’Adige, surrounded by romantic ruins, picturesque churches, chestnut forests and orchards. Its 1,850 inhabitants live in the villages of Prissiano, Tesimo, Caprile, Grissiano, Narano, Plazzoles and Schernag, which are all part of the same municipality, in which fruit-growing and agriculture have an important role to play.

Tesimo, originally referred to as “Tesana“, is rich in historic buildings such as castles, churches and residences. Sant’Erasmo Castle, Casatsch Castle and Katzenzungen Castle are only some examples for buildings dating back to earlier centuries. Due to the fact that many buildings are under monumental protection, the villages were able to preserve their original appearance. By the way: Katzenzungen Castle hosts the largest and probably most ancient grapevine of the world, that is absolutely worth seeing!

The main event taking place in the village in autumn is the Chestnut Festival “Keschtnriggl”, in which you cannot only taste meals based on chestnuts, but also take part in chestnut walks and guided tours across the chestnut forests.

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  1. Hotel Burggräfler: Special offer in autumn

    Special offer in autumn

    Special offer in autumn

    Tesimo Prissiano
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