Merano Thermal Baths

The Merano Thermal Baths are an outstanding oasis of health and well-being at the heart of Merano.

Opened in December 2005, the Merano Thermal Baths are a true tribute to the spa town of Merano. Where to find them? Just follow the sunny banks of the Passirio river and suddenly, opposite to the venerable Kurhaus, you will see a fascinating cube made of glass and steel rising from the grounds.

Light colours, natural woods and precious stones characterise this outstanding architecture designed by renowned Matteo Thun, born in Bolzano.

  1. The thermal baths

    The thermal baths

    From Finnish saunas to apple-scented steam baths and Shiatsu, there is something…
  2. The thermal waters

    The thermal waters

    The mildly radioactive thermal waters offer harmony and recreation for body, soul…
  3. History of cures

    History of cures

    The history tells about emperors, princes and other illustrious guests of the spa town.

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    Summer Vacation & Adventure

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