The municipality of Lagundo borders to the city of Merano and boasts a vast network of hiking trails in the Gruppo di Tessa nature park.

The municipality of Lagundo, also called garden or grape village, extends from an altitude of 330 to 1,500 m asl. On the one hand the charm of the orchards and vineyards, on the other hand the high alpine scenery of the Gruppo di Tessa nature park make Lagundo a memorable Mediterranean-Alpine holiday destination, in which relaxation comes naturally.

Typifying for Lagundo is its large number of churches and chapels, widely spread at all altitudes, as well as its vicinity to the city of Merano. A network of 160 km of hiking paths snake in the environs of Lagundo, the most famous trail is undoubtedly the Roggia di Lagundo (Waalweg path). Particularly interesting from a cultural or artistic view are the Convent of Maria Steinach, Castel Thurnstein, the precious frescos, the Schalensteinen rock dating back to prehistoric times as well as the remnants of a beachhead belonging to the Roman Road Via Claudia Augusta.

If you seek refreshment in summertime we recommend you a visit to the outdoor pool of Lagundo or a getaway to higher climes, such as the Leiteralm alpine pasture. Winter hiking, snow-shoeing or skiing in the resort Merano 2000, also in winter Lagundo is worth a visit.

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    Lagundo village

    The village of Lagundo immediately borders on the city of Merano and is located at…
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