Cima Rosa

The Cima Rosa falls away sharply to Merano, Lagundo, Parcines and the Val Venosta.

The Cima Rosa (2,625 m asl - Spronser Rötelspitze in German) has got a neigbouring summit, the little Cima Rosa, which is about 80 m lower. Famous neighbouring summits are the Cima Mutta and the Cigot.

A highlight on the way to the Cima Rosa are the Lakes of Sopranes, situated above the Valle di Sopranes. These lakes represent the largest high-Alpine water plateau of South Tyrol. Eight to ten little lakes are spread on an altitude between 2,117 and 2,598 m. In the largest, Lake Lungo (2,377 m asl), some fish species have their natural habitat. If you would like to see the lakes from a birds’ eye perspective, we recommend you to scale the Cima Rosa, as it provides a great panoramic view, not only on the lakes.

The ascent to the Cima Rosa is possible on different routes. If you start your tour from Velloi in Lagundo, take the lift to the Malga Leiter at 1,522 m asl, from where you walk to the Rifugio del Valico (1,839 m asl). This tour takes you about 8 hours and is recommended only to mountain experts. Via trail n°7 your reach the Passo del Valico and finally reach the summit of the Cima Rosa. Now the Lakes of Sopranes, the mountains of the Gruppo di Tessa and the area of Merano and surroundings can be admired from above. If you descent across the Valle di Sopranes, you also pass the Lakes of Sopranes. By the way: the Cima Rosa can be scaled with skis in winter months, via the north-west flank or its north-east side between the lower and higher Cima Rosa.

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  1. Hotel Wiesenhof: Week of blooming apple trees

    Week of blooming apple trees

    Week of blooming apple trees

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