The city of Merano includes the districts Maia Bassa, Maia Alta, Quarazze, Labers and Sinigo as well as the historic district.

In the basin in which Val Passiria, Val Venosta and Val d’Ultimo meet, there is the city of Merano, which has been a renowned spa town already in the 19th century. In Roman times the settlement “castrum maiense” has been built, which later on continued existing as Maia. Merano itself has been mentioned for the first time in 857 as Mairania and has officially been declared a city in the 13th century. Today the districts Maia Bassa, Maia Alta, Quarazze, Labers and Sinigo belong to Merano, not to forget the historic district with mediaeval shopping arcades.

  1. Historic centre of Merano

    Historic centre of Merano

    The most ancient city district and the city centre of Merano are located in the…
  2. Quarazze


    This village of some 600 souls, which is part of the municipality of Merano, has…
  3. Labers


    The outstanding building of Labers, which is part of Merano, is the homonymous castle.
  4. Maia Alta

    Maia Alta

    The elegant residential area of the city of Merano is located on the road to the…
  5. Sinigo


    About four km from the centre of Merano, there is the locality of Sinigo.
  6. Maia Bassa

    Maia Bassa

    Once upon a time Maia was an independent locality and since 1924 it has been part…

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