Haflinger horse race

This traditional horse race takes place every year on Easter Monday and represents the opening of the Merano race season.

Every year on Easter Monday there is the starting shoot for the famous horse race with the so called Haflinger horses, or “Avelignesi”, a horse breed originating from the village of Hafling (Avelengo in Italian) in the surroundings of Merano. This competition takes place in the Hippodrome of Maia Bassa.

It is a must-see for those who love horse races and it also represents the inauguration of the race season. Protagonists are of course the worldwide famous Haflinger horses. Already before the race visitors can watch the horse parade across the spa town, which is accompanied by music groups and carriages.

And also in between the single courses there is much to see and discover. The fringe programme includes activities such as rodeo riding and snapping, and also culinary delights are on the agenda.

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