Grape Festival

Traditional costumes, floats and a colourful Apple Crown can be admired at the Merano Grape Festival.

Every year, on the third weekend in October, the traditional Merano Grape Festival takes place.

After many months of work on the fields and meadows now it’s time, to celebrate the end of the grape harvest in the streets of Merano. The procession on Sunday is the highlight of the Festival: decorated floats, bands from far and wide, local costume groups and the Schützen Company walk through the streets of the town and impress with hand embroidered costumes, beautiful Haflinger horses and sharp sabers. Furthermore various concerts of the music bands take place at the Spa Promenade.

The richly decorated floats are for sure the main attraction of the procession. The wagons are moved on by horses or tractors and carry grapes, flowers and the famous Apple Crown. Plenty of apples, red, yellow and green ones form a crown in appreciation for the rich harvest.

A really colourful and traditional experience that must not be missed!

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