Mountains and hiking

Merano and surroundings offers various trails and paths, including both easy promenades and difficult mountain trails.

Due to its central position, Merano is a perfect starting point for hikes in Val d’Ultimo, Val Passiria, Val Venosta and Val Senales and an ideal place to stay when doing hiking holidays. This is where everyone finds a path to his taste, as the area includes both easy promenades and challenging mountain hikes.

Ideal for hiking are late summer as well as autumn, but also spring makes visitors enjoy the warm sunrays, apple trees in full blossom and mild climate outside.

  1. Merano promenades

    Merano promenades

    The Merano promenades reflect the flair of the city and are astonishingly…
  2. Walking paths

    Walking paths

    Numerous easy walking paths snake their way in and around Merano.
  3. Waalweg paths

    Waalweg paths

    In Merano and surroundings you can promenade along the ancient water channels, the…
  4. Alta Via di Merano

    Alta Via di Merano

    The Alta Via di Merano, a high alpine tour leading through the impressive Gruppo di…
  5. Mountain hikes

    Mountain hikes

    The Gruppo di Tessa mountain range, the Sarentino Alps and the Stelvio National…

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Wiesenhof: Week of blooming apple trees

    Week of blooming apple trees

    Week of blooming apple trees

    Lagundo - Riomolino
    from 04/07/19 to 04/17/19
    7 nights from 651 € per person
  2. Hotel Falzeben:

    Avelengo - Falzeben - Merano 2000
    from 04/18/19 to 06/01/19
    7 nights from 595 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Waldhof

    Hotel Waldhof

  2. Hotel Burggräfler

    Hotel Burggräfler

  3. Hotel Der Waldhof

    Hotel Der Waldhof

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