Merano promenades

The Merano promenades reflect the flair of the city and are astonishingly beautiful, perfect for taking a break from everyday life.

The promenades of Merano are a real point of attraction! The perfect scenery invites both visitors and inhabitants to breath fresh air, promenade across the city and discover the spa town of Merano on foot. Along the Passirio river or Monte di Merano, the scenery is charming and perfect for relaxing, having a chat with friends or simply taking a break from everyday life.

  1. Cure Promenade

    Cure Promenade

    The Cure Promenade is the most traditional promenade of Merano, and runs along the…
  2. Summer Promenade

    Summer Promenade

    Summer at Merano can be quite hot: along the Summer Promenade you can cool down in…
  3. Winter Promenade

    Winter Promenade

    The Winter Promenade is perfect for a walk in the cold season, as it is sun-spoilt…
  4. Gilf Promenade

    Gilf Promenade

    The Gilf Promenade leads from the Gilf gorge at the Passirio river to Castel San…
  5. Tappeiner Promenade

    Tappeiner Promenade

    The Tappeiner Promenade, one of the Merano promenades, offers a great view on the…
  6. Falkner Promenade

    Falkner Promenade

    The Falkner Promenade snakes its way at Tirolo above Merano and offers a promising…

Hiking Hotels: Holiday package vitrine

  1. Hotel Golserhof: Gourmet-Special for 3 / 5 / 7 days

    Gourmet-Special for 3 / 5 / 7 days

    Gourmet-Special for 3 / 5 / 7 days

    Tirolo - Tirolo village
    from 03/14/19 to 07/13/19
    3 nights from 371 € per person
  2. Hotel Alpenhof:

    San Martino in Passiria - Saltusio
    from 04/12/19 to 07/27/19
    3 nights from 246 € per person

Suggested accommodations

  1. Hotel Waldhof

    Hotel Waldhof

  2. Hotel Burggräfler

    Hotel Burggräfler

  3. Im Tiefenbrunn

    Im Tiefenbrunn

  4. Erlebnishotel Waltershof

    Erlebnishotel Waltershof

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