Hippodrome of Maia Bassa

The Hippodrome of Maia Bassa is venue for the traditional Haflinger horse race and the Grand Prix of Merano Forst.

Near to the historic city centre of Merano there is the Hippodrome of Maia Bassa, known as one of the most beautiful ones all over Europe. The construction works on the 40 hectares big area began in 1934 and only one year later, the hippodrome opened its doors to the public. Since then, the renowned facility with its 5 km long race course has hosted a rich number of events.

One of the annual highlights is the traditional Haflinger horse race, scheduled on Easter Monday. This marks the beginning of the new local racing season. Before the race a lovely parade along the alleys of Merano takes place.

A further highlight its the Gran Prix of Merano Forst, a steeplechase over 5,000 m on the last Sunday of September. Did you know that the steeplechase was first organised due to the opening ceremony on October 26, 1935?

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