Haflinger Horses

A gentle but strong type of horse - that’s the South Tyrolean Haflinger Horse, also known as the Avelignese.

Haflinger were originally bred to create a small pony for transport purposes within the army. But soon the strong and sturdy Haflinger, capable of doing the work of much larger horses, became known for its genuine friendliness and willing attitude. Haflinger are quiet steady horses.

They are intelligent and easy to train and thus especially suited to first-time horse owners and children’s mounts. But their vivid, expressive eyes bear witness to the strength and energy they have. Just watch one of the local races and you will see how strong this friendly horse really is.

And do you know where the Haflinger got its name from? From the pretty South Tyrolean hamlet of Hafling near to Merano, also known as Avelengo in Italian!

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