The back-country of Merano and the Val Passiria meet at Saltusio located at 490 m asl.

Saltusio is the southernmost village of the valley and is located at 490 m asl, so to speak at the “border“ of the Val Passiria and the back-country of Merano. Its name derives from the term “saltus“, which means gorge, canyon. As this village is only 9 km away from the thermal city of Merano, we absolutely recommend you a visit of this charming place. By the way, in Saltusio there are two Shield Farms, which are the Steinhaus farm and the Saltauserhof farm. The latter used to be a toll station of the Lords of Tyrol in the Middle Ages.

Saltusio is also the seat of the lower terminus of the Hirzer funicular, taking hikers into the hiking area at the Monte Cervina. No matter if you decide to make a pleasant walk or you climb the Monte Cervina mountain, the experience will be unique. However, also the village of Saltusio offers a wide range of possibilities as far as promenades are concerned, such as the Roggia di Maia. Those who prefer cycling can make a tour on the cycling trail of the Val Passiria. Particularly venturesome vacationists might want to try rafting or canyoning.

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  1. Hotel Castel Saltauserhof: Last Minute places in the Passeier Valley

    Last Minute places in the Passeier Valley

    Last Minute places in the Passeier Valley

    San Martino in Passiria - Saltusio
    from 06/23/19 to 11/03/19
    1 night from 86 € per person

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  1. Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

    Apfelhotel Torgglerhof

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