Casatsch Castle

Castel Casatsch (Kasatsch), also known as Castel Pfeffersburg, is located on a hill above Nalles.

At the end of the 12th century, around 1194, Casatsch Castle has been constructed. The name is taken from the Casatsch hill (from the Latin word “casaccia” = big house). The castle has been established under the guidance of Ulrich Rufus, the brothers Heinrich and Friedrich von Pitzol as well as Marquard and Hartwig from Tesimo. The bishop Konrad II from Beseno gave the permission to build this castle and also set conditions - it had always to be open for the Bishop of Trento and his ministerials, the Counts of Appiano.

The construction with its its irregular form was rent to different servants of the Counts of Appiano. When this family became extincted, the Counts von Greifenstein took over the castle and handed it over to the pawnbroker family Botsch from Bolzano. After several owners, the Giovanelli family purchased the complex. Around 1600 Casatsch Castle has no longer been inhabited and started to decay. Still today the ruin is in possession of the Giovinelli family.

Today Casatsch Castle is unmodified and preserved in its original state, as it has never been changed. The curtain wall dates back to the 12th century. Between 1999 and 2002 the ruin has been extensively restored and consolidated. Casatsch Castle can be visited the whole year round and offers a small exhibition on the history of the castle. It can be reached on the path n° 2 from Nalles (30 minutes) or from Prissiano.

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