Schwanburg Castle

Schwanburg Castle, located at the exit of the Sirmiano river canyon, hosts the most ancient private winery of South Tyrol.

Schwanburg Castle is located below Bavaro Castle at Nalles. Already in 1286 the castle has been mentioned for the first time as “Haus in der Gaul” (house in the gorge). From the 14th century on the Lords von Boymundt-Payersberg owned the building. Shortly afterwards, the castle was restored, resulting to be a masterpiece of Renaissance construction style. Afterwards, it has been passed on to the Counts of Trapp.

A great inner courtyard with decorative outside staircases is bordered by recessed balconies which have been walled in Roman stones. Also a beautiful sundial marked with the year 1563 can be found in the courtyard. Furthermore, the emblem of the Boymundt-Payersberg family with the year 1560 is still visible above the entrance. The swan and the bull of the emblem are also illustrated on the emblem of Nalles.

In recent times the Thaler family from Nalles was responsible for Schwanburg Castle. They left the agricultural enterprise and attached winery to their nephew Rudolf Carli. Today the castle hosts the most ancient private winery of South Tyrol featuring wooden barrels from the time of Maria Theresa in the cellar. The castle itself serves as administration building. It is inhabited and can be seen only from outside.

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