Brandis ruin

The ruin of Castel Brandis, seat of the Counts von Brandis, is located at 373 m asl above the village of Lana.

The Brandis ruin is located near Leone Castle. Once upon a time the castle has been established in three residential units: the stable and farm building, the residential building and castle entrance, and the donjon located at the highest point of the hill which, however, has collapsed in the course of time.

In 1179 Heinrich Brandiser built the castle complex to the already existing tower. According to documents in 1236 Pranthoch Brandiser received the sole servitude for the castle complex from his three brothers and established a defensive tower, much younger than the original complex. Around 1500 the chapel has been built, which has been completed only in the 17th century. Documents dating back to 1807 testify the collapse of the already fissured tower, which killed Anna von Rutter, wife of the castle administrator. This accident resulted in the decision of the Count to have the castle residence rebuilt on a hill in the surroundings. According to legends, the tower also drew the curtain over a precious weapons collection. Enquiries brought to light that parts of armours have been found in the rubble.

Until 1807 the castle has been inhabited, later it kept falling into decay. Great hall and castle chapel are partly still preserved. Today the Brandis Waalweg path offers a great view on the ruin of Castel Brandis, which can only be visited with the owner’s permission. By the way: underneath the ruin there is the Golf Club Lana on the terrain of the Brandis estate!

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