Kröll tower

The Kröll tower above Gargazzone is illustrated on the emblem of the village.

The tower has been built in 1250 by a certain Berthold Chrell (from the Trautson family) close to the 40 m high lower waterfall of the Aschlerbach river. Above the entrance of the tower consisting of a circular arc you can see the emblem of the first owner of the church, the Trautson family from Matrei am Brenner. The emblem shows a horseshoe.

The collapsed wall of the donjon has been rebuilt several years ago. Apparently round the tower there was also a castle complex. Great hall and circular wall are, however, only preserved as heap of stones.

This castle ruin, reachable on beautiful hiking paths, can be visited at any time. On the road to the castle you come across smooth rocks which have been abraded by the glaciers in the Ice Age. The walk from the Turmwirt to the tower and the waterfall on the panorama path and the “Burgweg” path takes 1 hour.

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