Taranto Castle

Taranto Castle, also called Dornsberg or Tarantsberg, is located between Naturno and Plaus.

The castle is located at the foot of the Tramontana mountain (Nördersberg). Dornsberg or Tarantsberg Castle, as it also used to be called, has been established in 1217 by the Lords von Tarant. Members of this family were demonstrably imperial ministerialis of Tyrol. They decorated the castle with panels, tiled stove, carved doors and windows, and many more elements. In the St Ursula chapel there is also a winged altar, the walls boast ancient paintings. In the heart of the castle the donjon towers into the sky.

Around 1291, proprietor of the castle was Count Meinhard II, around 1347 it was Heinrich von Annenberg, from 1699 the Counts von Mohr and later on the Giovanelli and Fuchs families.

After the end of WWII the building was damaged, but in 1964 the Gottschall family from Munich purchased the castle complex and had it restored with the utmost effort. Still today this castle is in possession of this family and cannot be visited.

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