Katzenzungen Castle

Near Katzenzungen Castle in the “castle village” Prissiano there’s Europe’s biggest vine.

On a hill near Prissiano towers Katzenzungen Castle. First written documents date back to the year 1244 when the castle passed from Henricus de Cazenzunge to the Lords von Fink and von Schlandersberg. The Counts von Thun and von Fuchs owned Katzenzungen Castle in the following centuries. In the 16th century, however, the castle was enlarged in Renaissance style by the Lords of Breisach - between 1500 and 1700 it was one of the most impressive and magnificent noble buildings of the country.

In the 20th century the Pobitzer family purchased the castle and restored it in detail work. A 32 metres long stony bridge leads you inside the mighty walls, testifying to a glorious but tormented past. Today, Katzenzungen Castle is a family-run business, opened to guests and visitors alike. It may be rented for historical banquets, conferences, weddings and lots of other events.

Near the castle you will find the biggest (300 sqm) and probably also the oldest vine in all of Europe, featuring an age of 350 years. From the white grapes the wine “Versoaln” is made at the Laimburg in Ora. About 500 numbered bottles are produced every year. By the way: the “Burgenweg” (Castle Path), a circular trail starting at Nalles, also passes Katzenzungen Castle.

Further information:
phone: +39 0473 927018, info@castel.katzenzungen.com

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