Swing, blues, rock, literature or brass music - various is the programme of the LanaLive music festival in Lana.

LanaLive is a likable culture and music festival taking place in Lana, as the name also reveals. Every year LanaLive livens up the centre of this locality for some weeks in May.

Swing, blues, rock or latin, the programme and styles of music are more than varied and provide entertainment for those who simply love music. Top-class international and also South Tyrolean musicians give concerts in sometimes really unusual venues and provide lasting experiences. Inner courts of farms, under the open sky, in the library or at the corner on the street, music is all around.

This traditional event has been organising for more than 25 years now and will also be organised with enthusiasm in the oncoming years and will cast a spell over its visitors.

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  2. Hotel Resort Schlosshof

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  3. Hotel Schwarzschmied

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