Krampus, helper to St. Nicholas

The day of this evil figure is December 5, sometimes also December 6. In several places the devils are impressingly scary.

Young and old devils parade across the village the night before St. Nicholas’ Day or on St Nicholas’ Day (December 5 or 6). Today this parade is rather amusing than scarying, as it has usually been in the past. Once upon a time these devil have been used as educational method by means of which people tried to discipline particularly children.

The masks the devils wear in this evening are handmade and are tinkered with love and devotion. Sometimes they are even sold.

The inhabitants of the locality of Naturno in 2007 have founded a Krampus association. Furthermore there are several other associations in the surroundings, e.g. the “Pfoffagonder Tuifl” from Castelbello in Val Venosta or the “Niederjoch Tuifl” from Val Senales.

In other places which do not have a “Krampus” association, (usually male) adolescents dress up and daub their faces with soot, before they walk along the streets and alleys and are up to mischief.

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