South Tyrolean Sculpture Path

The sculpture path in Lana is aimed at uniting villages and raising the awareness of the natural pace of life.

13 artists have been invited in 2000 to participate in the project “South Tyrolean Sculpture Path” (Südtiroler Skulpturenwanderweg in German). They engaged with a certain place along the path connecting Lana and other villages in the surroungings, dealing with it. This is how this particular trail emerged, integrating spectators and hikers and prompting them to backpedal and provoke changings. Not strict rules are the message of this trail, but free unfolding and development, enabling progression. Slow movement is intended to link spectators to nature and arts and to call their attention on this cultural area.

The artists wondered about and investigated on the pace of life and humans on this world and the result is really astonishing. There is for example a dragon trail with the motto “I am angry” by the South Korean artist Moon Byoung, based on a Korean narration in which nine dragons - in South Korea a symbol of good luck and wealth - back out due to the unreasonableness of human beings. “InnerViews”, “Dreiklang”, “Earthmove” or “Negative” are other titles of the pieces of art which have been realised by different South Tyrolean and international artists.

Walking time for the whole sculpture trail is approximately 2.5 hours. It starts in Lana di Sotto and takes you along the Brandis Waalweg path (7 projects) to Lana di Sopra and into the Gaul Canyon. From there the Länd Promenade leads to the biotope of the river Valsura near the industrial district of Lana (26 projects along the Länd and Gaul promenades). You have to go the same way back.

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