Muthöfe farmsteads

The so called “Muthöfe” are farms located at an altitude of 1,200 m asl high above the village of Tirolo.

The Muthöfe farms are considered to be the oldest farmsteads of Merano and surroundings and probably also of all over South Tyrol. These farmsteads comprise five farms, which hang on to the slopes of Monte Muta: Oberegghof, Hochmuth, Mittermuth, Untermuth and Talbauer (former “rote burggraven”).

Already in 1285 they have been mentioned for the first time. This is when even higher located alpine pastures were farmed throughout the whole year. At the Leiteralm alpine pasture there are two of these ancient buildings. You can see the Muthöfe farmsteads from the valley - today they are managed by local mountain farmers and proprietors.

Until lately there was no access road to the Muthöfe farms. Only a gondola cableway provided for the transport of groceries and other vital items. Today there is a road to the ancient mountain farms and they are also accessible via a hiking path, which is also part of the Alta Via of Merano (Merano High Path). This well-marked path takes you past every single farm.

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