Earth pillars in Tirolo and Caines

An impressive natural spectacle are the earth pillars near Tirolo Castle and in Caines.

The earth pillars are a majestic natural phenomenon! The main premises for their emergence are the special characteristics of soil, the climate, a position that is sheltered from the wind as well as a huge piece of rock. Heavy rain provokes the soil to become soft and for this reason parts of the terrain to break away. Further rainfalls form corrugations in the terrain and slowly the pillars emerge, covered by a huge stone at the top, which also protects the pillars. Earth pillars mainly develop in moraine landscapes, which are typical in the Burgraviato area. However, only after thousands of years a very high earth pillar emerges. And this is also how this natural spectacle in Tirolo and Caines came into being…

Doing a circular walk is the best way to visit the earth pillars of Tirolo (see pic): in the village centre of Tirolo the path proceeds until Aura Castle and to the restaurant “Tiroler Kreuz”. The path leads you further to Tirolo Castle and back again into the village. Along the path several viewpoints exist, from where the earth pillars can be watched well. Due to a storm some years ago, few pillars were destroyed. If you take the Alta Muta cable car you can also admire the earth pillars.

To reach the Caines earth pillars you have to take the “Erdpyramidenweg” path (Earth Pillar Path). For approx. 35 minutes it proceeds from the Fineletal valley to the Ungerichthof farm in Caines. If you want to do a longer walk take the Caines Waalweg path. By the way: there are even more places with earth pillars in South Tyrol, in Terento and Plata in the Val Pusteria valley and at the Renon.

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