Gastronomic Lamb Weeks in Val d’Ultimo

Every year in autumn sheep return from the alpine pastures of Val d’Ultimo - and on this occasion people celebrate.

September and October are important months in Val d’Ultimo! There are not only the Gastronomic Lamb Weeks taking place, but also the return of the sheep from the alpine pastures, where the animals spent summer months. Down to the wire it is a really exciting event and spectators have to be patient until they see the hundreds of sheep walking down the road to the end of the artificial lake.

Lake Zoccolo on this occasion is lined by market stalls offering local sheep products such as wool and felt products. This is also where the sheep are directed to a fold, where they can better be consigned to their holders after having spent summer months on the alpine pastures. This event is accompanied by music and entertainment. Moreover on the occasion of the gastronomic weeks there are slide shows, theme walks and an open felt workshop. The concluding event is, like every year, the traditional sheperds’ ball.

Another highlight in this period of time is the annual market at Pracupola, which is kind of feast day for inhabitants, usually taking place on September 22. On this occasion the meadow at the lakeside transforms into a huge and colourful market place, where costume jewellery, typical products of the valley and much more is offered. If you are spending your holidays in the valley we recommend you to visit this market!

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